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For years Sydney wanted to flexibility of owning her own business and working on her own terms. She dreamed of having an office that was tailored to her needs and would inspire her creativity. Working as an auditor for a public accounting firm showed her what she craved from an office space, comfortable seating , appropriate temperature (she would carry a mini heater with her to traveling clients) , free *delicious* coffee , dual monitors , and standing desks. The only place she could think this would be possible was in the comfort of her own home. Fast forward a few years to when Sydney quit her corporate job as a financial analyst for a robotics manufacturer and took her bookkeeping business Know Your Worth Pgh full time. She was happy working from home for about one month until she realized she needed a bit more structure and actual coworkers in her day to day . She missed her morning commute and having that time to mentally separate her office time from her home life. Enter The Maverick Pgh - the best of both worlds for Sydney. An incredibly warm and welcoming coworking space, flush with dual monitors , standing desks, free coffee, a space that allows creativity to flourish and an amazing work life balance. She has never felt more inspired *and productive* working anywhere else. Her goal is to share this space with everyone and give others a place to help clear their mental air from the new work from home culture and provide balance again. Helping other business owners by providing them the tools to succeed is something that Sydney is very passionate about! The Maverick Pgh is all about encouraging others to reach their full potential.

sydney smyers conway

Alex is a jack of all trades! Working in Finance by day and numerous construction projects by night! He and Sydney built The Maverick Pgh to be welcoming to the community and to also be a very effective place to work. He is able to work remote a few times a week and The Maverick is a haven for him as he knows it will be for others. His job in finance requires him to be on phone calls quite a bit so he made sure that The Maverick offered privacy and flexibility to meet those needs.  He has worked in a few different office buildings and coworking spaces and always thought they were a bit too dull and industrial feeling. He picked the color scheme and painted the murals to warm up the space and encourage more creativity in The Maverick. He likes that The Maverick has a "home feel" at work and believes that you do not have to give up comfort for efficiency. Alex wanted to make sure the space was tailored for everyone and kept that in mind when procuring the furniture and adding his final fun touches including a pool table, board games and a dart board for a nice after-work place to hang out and network.

alex conway


caitlin & Carly

Caitlin and Carly are ready to plan! Both being entreprenuers themselves they know the hard work and time that goes in to coordinating events, taking part in vendor shows, and running a business! They are here to make everyone's life a little easier and we at The Maverick Pgh are thrilled to have them! Caitlin is the owner of Maple Street Jams and Carly is the Owner of Lit Soy Candle Co. Together they make a great team ready to take on any challenge. They will be planning vendor fairs, game nights, craft days, murder mystery dinners and cocktail parties of ALL kinds! Get ready for phenomonally curated events. And if you need help planning any of your own events at The Maverick they are ready to be of assistance! 

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